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Scared of the Dentist? Laughing Gas is Here!

Don’t let Dental Anxiety get you Down!

child smiling in dentist chair Dental Designs of White Marsh is proud to announce they now offer nitrous oxide sedation as an add-on service for those patients with high dental anxiety. Nitrous Oxide, better known as laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation for those who may be nervous or anxious about their scheduled dental appointment. It helps patients to relax during their visit, and to receive dental treatment in a comfortable and safe manner. Nitrous oxide is typically delivered through a mask over the nose, and is mixed directly with oxygen and delivered as the patient breathes in and out regularly. The patient is usually asked to breath normally through the nose, and as the gas begins to take effect, the patient will become more relaxed. The patient remains awake during the entire procedure and will be able to interact and communicate with our dentists. After the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide gas will be turned off and typically Dr. Weng or Dr.Santos will continue to deliver oxygen for a few minutes to ensure that all gas is flushed from the system. Nitrous Oxide is one of the safest sedatives in dentistry. It is well tolerated, having a rapid onset, and is reversible, can be adjusted in various concentrations and is non-allergenic. It is 100% safe to use during treatment and is eliminated from the body quickly after the gas is turned off. Dental Designs of White Marsh is very excited to start offering this service to the community, and hope this encourages regular dental visits even by those that are dental phobic!