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Emergency Dental Services

When a dental emergency happens, it’s crucial to know where to turn. Unfortunately, many dental practices are only open during weekday business hours. And, emergency rooms generally accept only the most severe dental issues. The truth is that emergency room doctors can give patients with dental emergencies antibiotics or painkillers, but that’s about it. While this can help problems like toothaches temporarily, a more permanent solution is needed from a team of dental experts. So, who can you count on when you or someone in your family experiences a dental emergency?

Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD ensures the safety of our patients with our emergency dental services. We are proud to go the extra mile for our patients and our emergency dental services in Hanover, MD. If you are looking for an emergency dentist, then you have come to the right place. Contact our Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD team today at 443.733.6879 for the fastest response to a dental emergency. If you have a non-emergency dental issue, you can also connect with us online by filling out our online contact form.  

Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD’s Additional Services

Emergency dental services are far from the only dental services that our team provides. We also offer:


The upkeep of dental health is key to preventing oral problems from getting worse. Many studies have shown that proper dental hygiene is key to overall physical health. Our dental hygiene services help people avoid unnecessary dental problems and keep people feeling confident about their smiles.


When you get a cavity, it’s no longer the painful experience that it used to be. Our Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD team offers many restorative options such as fillings, root canals, and bridges. Not only can we help you overcome dental pain, but we can also ensure that your teeth are healthy for years to come. Restore your smile to its previous glory with our restorative services today.

Dental implants

When someone is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it affects how they eat, speak, and smile. Also, the muscles in their head and neck are adversely affected. Dental issues, such as bone loss, tooth movement, and occlusal imbalance, may occur. This is why it’s essential to replace missing teeth, and we provide you with many options on how to achieve that goal.

Cosmetic dentistry

Many people don’t like the look of their smiles and put off getting their teeth fixed because they think there’s no hope for better oral health. Our Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD team proudly offers cosmetic dentistry options so that people can enjoy what they see in the mirror. There have been many advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry, so dental procedures are more painless than ever before. If you don’t like the way your smile looks, don’t put off learning about cosmetic dentistry options at Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD another day.

Periodontics and surgery

The bone and gums in the mouth provide the foundation for proper oral health. We provide a variety of periodontal and surgical options to keep this foundation healthy and keep your teeth and gums feeling good and looking great for the long term.

Emergency Dental Services at Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD

At Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our patients. That’s why we want our services to be as accessible as possible. Believe it or not, our front desk team takes calls for ninety hours per week and even on the weekends. This means you have access to:

  • Make or change appointments
  • Receive insurance advice
  • Schedule appointments well beyond the regular 9-5 hours

If there’s a dental emergency and you have to call outside our regular office hours, you’ll get priority access to our team of dental specialists. This applies even on the weekends or holidays. We will be on-call to help you with emergency treatment and advice when you need it. Our Dental Designs of Maryland-Hanover team hopes you never have a dental emergency, but if you do, contact us immediately.

Rely on Dental Designs of Maryland - Hanover, MD for Emergency Dental Services

Our Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD team wants to be who you rely on when it comes to emergency dental services or any other dental service. Reach out to our team immediately at 443.733.6879 for a dental emergency or online for non-emergencies. You can depend on our experts for comprehensive dental care, so don’t hesitate to contact Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD today.