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Overcoming Dental Phobia

Dealing with Dental Phobia

In a recent survey of American adults, when asked what their least favorite place was, the dental office was a common response.  Maybe you have piercings and tattoos, or maybe you do CrossFit, or maybe even given birth to twins.  Despite how tough you are emotionally and physically, the dental office can still be a place where you experience significant anxiety.  Sometimes we speak to patients whose anxiety is so bad that they’ve neglected going to the dental office for years.  As a result they’ve compromised their oral health and overall wellness.  Let Dental Designs of Maryland in Perry Hall, MD and Hanover, MD help you overcome dental phobia.  

What Causes Dental Phobia?

Most sources of fear can be traced to three primary reasons, and dental fear is no different.  Most of our patients who have dental phobias are concerned with three main factors:

  • Loss of control – Dental treatment can sometimes be a difficult process for a patient to participate in.  Working in such small areas of space, in an individual’s personal space, means they may be able to see or understand what is going on, or anticipate what will happen next
  • Possibility of embarrassment – Many patients fear judgement of their smile, their oral condition, or that they fear the dentist.  People want to put their best foot forward, and oftentimes it is not possible to do so at the dentist.
  • Pain – The most common source of dental anxiety, and is most prevalent in younger patients and the older patients who have done extensive research on dental procedures online


How to Pick the Right Practice

Choosing a dental practice is the first step in getting over dental phobia.  The office you choose must be one that can acknowledge the existence of dental phobia, understands the factors involved in it, and works actively to combat its effects.  Dental Designs of Maryland was built on being the premise of bringing compassionate dental care to the Perry Hall, MD and Hanover, MD communities.  Our bedrock is founded on creating a safe dental home where patients can be assured their fears, concerns, wants, and needs are on the forefront of any conversation.  Similarly, our staff radiates genuine compassion during any and all contact because they are a group of dental professionals that take pride in what they do, and take pride in creating a comfortable dental experience for every patient that walks through the door. We aim to provide a calming and welcoming environment in our practice, and a large part of that means taking the time to understand the patient.  If you feel rushed or treated like a number, instead of a person with unique needs, find another dentist.  We endeavor to build lifelong relationships with our patients, and engender a feeling of trust and mutual respect to every interaction.  At Dental Designs of Maryland, all you need is to let us know you are nervous about your dental care, and we will work with you to assuage your anxiety by explaining in detail what your treatment is so you go in fully knowledgeable and informed, and if that’s not enough we do have nitrous oxide or an anxiolytic pill that can help significantly with anxiety.   Don’t let your dental phobia get in the way of your beautiful smile, our kind and compassionate team is waiting for you!  Call Dental Designs of Maryland today and get your oral health back on track.