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Same day CEREC dental crowns in Baltimore, MD

Your routine dental cleaning is only one aspect of your overall dental care. At Dental Designs of Maryland, we work closely with our patients to offer a wide variety of dental services including family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. In addition, we offer specialized treatments such as same-day dental crowns in select Dental Designs of Maryland locations. The benefits of working with a professional staff at Dental Designs of Maryland is knowing that you are receiving the highest level care possible!

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is sometimes called a “cap” and is a covering for natural teeth that have seen significant damage or decay. Crowns can be attached to dental implants as well as a tooth replacement option. Crowns are common in dentistry for many reasons including replacement and repair of broken or missing teeth. A patient may benefit from a crown if they have:

  • A very large cavity that cannot be repaired with a simple filling
  • To create a dental bridge to replace one or more adjacent missing teeth
  • Lost a single tooth and are restoring it with a dental implant
  • Undergone root canal therapy and need to protect the now weakened tooth
  • A tooth that is cracked or chipped and requires an extra layer of protection

How much does a Dental Crown cost?

The cost of repairing a tooth with a dental crown depends on many different factors so patients should book an appointment at their nearest Dental Designs of Maryland location to get a more accurate diagnosis and estimate for their situation. Other factors that may change the pricing of a dental crown include a patients dental insurance plan, any FSA or HSA money they have, or any of our Membership Club discounts. Some insurance plans may significant reduce the cost of a dental crown when it is necessary for the treatment of common dental trauma or decay. Patients are also advised to speak to our financial coordinator about financing options which may ease the financial constraints of administering high quality dental care.

How is a dental crown made?

At Dental Designs of Maryland, we are excited to be one of only 15% of dental offices that offer same-day dental crowns for patients with the use of our cutting edge CEREC cad/cam machine. Traditional dental crowns take several appointments that involve messy putty as well as several weeks to complete, during which time you must wear a temporary crown. However, with CEREC at Dental Designs of Maryland, patients can enjoy dental crowns within one visit! Our CEREC cad/cam unit will take a digital, three-dimensional impression of the prepared tooth, and then use it to create the final crown on our computer software. The crown is then milled out of a block of porcelain chair-side to create a fully finished restoration all while you’re watching a streaming show or movie! You will leave with the final crown bonded into your mouth and have a fully restored smile. This eliminates the need for messy impression material, sending of the impressions to a dental laboratory states away, and waiting weeks for the final restoration to come back.

Request An Appointment at Dental Designs of Maryland

Dental Designs of Maryland offers multiple locations in the greater Baltimore area including Perry Hall, White Marsh, and Hanover. We are happy and excited to hear from you! If you want to work with a dental team who offers same-day CEREC crowns we invite you to call your nearest office using the phone number listed in the menu, with locations in White Marsh MD, Perry Hall MD, and Hanover MD. With our team of professionals, patients can obtain the quality dental care they want and deserve!