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5 Common Dental Implant Myths

a dental professional sits working with a dental implant and explains some common dental implant myths

The dental implant procedure can be simple and relatively painless. Contrary to one of the common dental implant myths, it does not require complex or lengthy surgery. Dental implants can have many benefits for a person missing teeth, such as improved speech, eating and chewing, and aesthetics. Despite the potential benefits of dental implants, a few common myths about them may dissuade some people from considering them.

At Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, we want to help dispel these dental implant myths and to ease our patients’ minds about the treatment. Call us today at 443.733.6879 to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about how dental implants can benefit your smile.

What Happens During Dental Implant Surgery?

The exact procedure for your dental implant surgery will depend on your individual needs and the implant type. Generally speaking, surgical placement of implants involves making an incision in the gums, placing the implant post into the jawbone, and then stitching up the gums to protect and heal them. Afterward, an artificial tooth or teeth is attached to the implanted posts. The entire process can take several months and requires multiple visits, but it does not need to be painful.

At Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. We are proud to offer advanced procedures, such as dental implants, to help you regain your beautiful smile.

5 Common Dental Implant Myths

Common myths about dental implants can keep people from considering them. Let’s take a look at five common dental implant myths:

1. Dental Implants Are Painful

While any kind of surgery can be uncomfortable, modern techniques and anesthesia ensure that most patients experience minimal discomfort during their implant surgery. In addition, following proper aftercare instructions can help minimize any pain or swelling associated with recovery.

2. Dental Implants Aren’t Worth It

Implants offer several advantages over other types of tooth replacement options. They look natural, last a long time (with proper care), and feel like natural teeth when eating or speaking. Additionally, they don’t require extra maintenance like dentures do—just brush and floss as usual.

3. The Recovery Process Is Long

Depending on your situation, recovery from dental implant surgery usually takes several weeks to several months. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy your new smile immediately. Many patients report minimal pain after their procedure and can use their new teeth within a few days after surgery.

4. Implants Are Too Expensive

While it is true that implants cost more than other types of tooth replacement options upfront, they often end up being more cost-effective in the long run because they last longer and don’t require additional maintenance like dentures.

5. Anyone Can Get Dental Implants

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants due to medical conditions such as diabetes or jawbone deficiency. Additionally, age restrictions may apply in some instances. For example, if someone still needs to finish growing (around age 18). That being said, if you think you might qualify for implants, then it’s worth taking a look into further.

Understanding Dental Implant Treatment Options

At Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, we understand that dental implant surgery can initially seem daunting. That’s why we strive to provide our patients with all the information they need when considering this type of treatment. Some of the types of dental implant treatment options can include:

  • Single or multiple teeth implants – Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Implant-supported dentures – When all of a patient’s natural teeth are missing, they want to opt for a full set of permanent dentures
  • All-on-4 dental implants – Replace an entire arch of teeth with just four implants

Regardless of what type of dental implant procedure you’re considering, our team at Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, is here to ensure that you receive the best care possible. We will take the time to discuss all your available options and help you make an informed decision about your dental health.

Call Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD, to Schedule an Appointment for Dental Implants in Hanover, MD

With so much information out there about dental implants, it can be hard to know what is true and what isn’t. However, our Dental Designs of Maryland – Hanover, MD team can help debunk these dental implant myths and provide you with the facts. Our experienced dental professionals have extensive knowledge of all aspects of implant dentistry. We are happy to answer any questions about dental implants or other services we offer. Contact us today at 443.733.6879 to schedule an appointment and get started on your journey toward your oral health goals.